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Edit Store Pages WYSIWYG Online Wizard to customize the pages on the fly, more information... 
List All Cards Enumerates all distinct cards in the entire system.
Advanced Search Lets the visitor conduct search with options.
Integrated Shop Manager Entry page to the integrated online management suite.
PIN Management Add/remove/update PIN numbers to the system.
Phone Card Upload Administrator to upload the phone card products.
Installation Info. Virtual Phone Card Software Instructions.
  • Use a working email of yours and a dummy card number:
              VISA 4111 1111 1111 1111
    to place test orders.

About the Package

Integrated Level-2 Google Checkout Full level-2, start-of-the-art Google Checkout Integration with Instant PIN delivery.
Click to visit PalPay, the easiest and most cost-effective way for businesses to accept payments online. Built-in PayPal IPN and Web Payments Pro integration for robust real-time payment services. Setting up a premier business account with PayPal is also instant.  
Auto PIN Numbers &
Recharge Integration
Can directly obtain new PIN numbers or recharge existing PIN numbers from a third-party phone card service provider.

This is a special version of SmartWin's popular CyberOffice eCommerce software customized to facilitate an integrated, encrypted, and fully automated "Virtual Phone Cards" selling suite. High degree of security and flexible payments with variety of options and automations are the key to your success. This system is ideal for selling PIN numbers or any virtual/Digital Goods or products.

Includes start-of-the-art GeoIP Credit Card Fraud Detection system by MaxMind.

Wholesaler or Distributor: Your retailers can run storefronts to promote their own sites on their own domains, from centralized databases under your management.

The system is encrypted, fully automated for credit card payments passing AVS (address verification) and CVV2 (a new card number verification code) tests, but falls back to semi-automation for other payments. It also sets an upper limit say $100 for the full automation. Namely above that amount it goes to the semi automation mode, where the shop operator can issue the PIN numbers manually with a few clicks. This is so designed to prevent possible credit card fraudulence.

Anti-fraudulence measures can be further enhanced by setting first-time buyers to semi-automatic mode,and imposing an adjustable monthly cap on each account. 

PIN numbers are stored in a Triple-DES encrypted table and counted with real-time inventory control. So they are not over-sold. Under rare circumstance when it did happen, the operator would simply issue any missing PIN numbers within clicks.

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More Anti-fraudulence Measures

  • A new customer must create an account before processing a purchase;
  • A new account has "Manual PIN number assignment" and default "Monthly Cap" set;
  • On the credit card number input page, the credit card issuer bank and customer service number are also collected;
  • A new customer can purchase phone cards but the PIN numbers will not be sent immediately;
  • A shop manager manually verifies the information provided by the customer and approves the account;
  • If necessary, the shop manager can call the credit card issuer bank to double check the customer's phone number with the bank;
  • The shop manager issues the PIN number(s) from the backend management interface with a couple clicks;
  • The shop manager updates the account settings and removes the manual PIN assignment flag;
  • Additionally, there is a cut-off on the purchase amount. Above the threshold the manual assignment is triggered automatically;
  • PayPal payment can start automatic PIN number delivery but only if the PayPal account is a verified one and the PayPal email matches the email used in the purchase;
  • There can be a maximum number of attempts on submitting credit card number. This is to stop hackers from trying a list of stolen credit card numbers until it passes;
  • There can be a cutoff of amount above which the shopping cart does not go through real-time payment gateway. Rather it is left for the shop manager to process at a later time. This is another security threshold to stop potential hackers.
  • Finally, IP Blockage on selected or foreign IP addresses can be implemented.

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How to Purchase

CyberOffice Phone Card Software as a whole package is priced at US$985, including,

  • free one year hosting  (optional, can host on your own server if you have one)
  • MS SQL / MySQL installation 
  • integration of any payment gateway of your choice
  • custom template integration  
  • essential training sessions on how to use
  • and full technical support all the way up to going live

Two Versions

SmartWin's Instant PIN number Delivery system comes with two versions:

  1. A standalone, phone-card specific Web site, ideal for selling a large number phone cards from various sources, used when searching on the best calling rates to a destination is important for the customers.
  2. An embedded add-on to otherwise normal eCommerce Web site (running CyberBuild or CyberMall), where you will be selling GSM PINs, software PINs, or one or few cards only issued by yoruself. The Web site itself can also sell mobile phones, accessories, or any other merchandise.

Split Payments:

  1. As the down payment to the entire package, you order the standard software licenses used by the package (Shopping Cart + Warehouse Builder + Club) from the SmartWin's Order Page (US$335, the cost of the generic eCommerce platform on which the whole package is built). 
  2. After the deposit, we will set up a standard phone card Website on our server, ready to use, or to be customized or implemented with a custom template.
  3. SmartWin can allocate a certain amount of resources to assist you timely integrate the package with a custom-designed template supplied by you (which you may purchase elsewhere ). If you need such an assistance, as a second split payment y ou order an express customization token (US$250) from the Order Page.
  4. The final balance (US$650, minus US$220 of the second payment if any) for the whole package is paid upon completion of the entire project on your Web site (i.e. prior to launch).
  5. Optional hosting package available from SmartWin and from our Partners. One year free hosting on the basic shared hosting plan with SmartWin.

Contact Us (Phone: +61-3-9568-2565) for available discounts (which vary on support and customization levels).

Visit SmartWin's Special Modules page for more information.

Program Support

You can easily convert this Virtual Phone Card template  into your own one, with your own products. Currently our support includes free configuration of your products / database to work with the template. We also provide free payment gateway integration. This will leave you with a working template for cosmetic customization.

Alternatively, if you already have a preferred template, we can help implement it on to the software with a minimal fee. You may Search the Web to find a professionally designed Web site template that you can adopt.

This system inherits all the functions and features common to CyberOffice eCommerce software. Training and technical support to use the system are normally included with the package.

Consult the full Development Guide for further technical information. Or contact us (info@smartwin.net) if you have any questions on the implementation.

Search Engine Feeding

Use and/or modify the "Search Engine Feeding" macro to generate hierarchical plain HTML pages for all products in the database for each storefront. Put a link to the top index page on the storefront (i.e. update the "Text Catalog" link on the bottom of front.htm). This will enable Internet search engines to crawl through the entire product range, resulting in great exposure in terms of both site depth and link popularity.

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Adding New Storefront

The following are typical steps to get it going. When you get used to the system you can move the storefront to any domain or folder.

  1. Duplicate all files and folders (except the _private, shopping_cart,  membership, include folders) to Site2.
  2. Modify the header info on header.js under Site2,
             var my_track = "site2";
    And adjust my_initial variable to be a valid URL (relative to the new folder).
  3. Use the Franchise Control Panel  to register the new storefront into the system. You can simply copy over the settings from Site URL = "/" with some minor changes on the Site Track, Site URL, and Site Name.

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Some Existing Sites / Custom Templates

You can start the business with minimal efforts by adopting the standard template as it is, see for examples


It is also easy to work with your own template, see some variations

http://freedomcallingcards.com (Auto Country selection)

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